Apps and Websites are Selling Your Data, GDPR is Here to Kick Their Ass*s Though.

My people there’s no such thing as free lunch o, in 2016, Facebook made $26 billion in advertising alone, who do you think generated all that revenue? It’s you, it’s me, it’s the remaining 2.19 billion active monthly users.

I mean it makes sense that they’d use something of ours in exchange for the fantastic services they offer us, think of how well people are now able to connect socially, even though it’s virtual interaction and how so many people are now making money with e-commerce via their platforms.

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“If you are not paying (for the internet), then you must be the product” right? Yes, we know.

It’s an open secret that apps and websites harvest our data to sell to the highest bidder ALL the time, to be honest, the Cambridge Analytica scandal was just a tip of the iceberg compared to all the shaku shaku these guys have been using our personal information to dance.

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O ma ga o.

It gets scary though.

About a month ago, Dylan Curry did a thread on Twitter that left us all SHOOK, I mean we knew websites and apps were monitoring and gathering our data, but we didn’t know how in-depth and the …read more

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