A Conversation With Tosyn Bucknor

It was already dark outside when I shut the blinds and switched off the lights.

I picked up my phone and sat on the bed.

I couldn’t get you off my mind all day and I didn’t want to go to bed without playing back memories.

Yesterday I was on WhatsApp, playing back all your voice notes and reading our play-work-play chats.

Tonight, As I hopped into bed and tried to regulate the air conditioning, I went to Facebook messenger. It was my first time there in almost a year. I wanted to read your messages; our chats, and bring back memories of the early days of our friendship. Everything came rushing back.

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‘hey I’m presently in London for a few days. Be back on Friday. Will send you a text then to confirm my attendance. Cheers!’

It was my first message to you on Facebook. And your response, just like the several others I’ll receive from that day in August 2007, was quintessential Tosyn.

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‘Thanks dear. And glad to finally hear from you. Was wondering if you were a figment of my imagination. LOL. Abeg buy Kilishi come back oh… Oh wait, you said Jand right? Drat!’

I spent last night lost in your messages, our conversations …read more

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