6 Ways To Position Yourself As A Brand Ambassador On Social Media

You don’t have to be a celebrity like Funke Akindele to become a brand ambassador as you can appropriate your brand ambassador skills on social media.

Several young Nigerians with access to the internet have not mastered the art of forging relevant career paths and making money legitimately with their online presence, particularly on social media.

Over 90 million Nigerians have access to the internet, says Hootsuite, a social media marketing platform, in a 2019 report. Of this number, about 24 million are said to have active social media accounts, but only a handful have used that opportunity to their advantage by monetising their content. Some of those online opportunities that can be explored are talked about in parts here.

One of such opportunities that is rarely explored in this part of the world is positioning oneself for brand ambassadorial roles as an active social media user. There is a misconception that only celebrities in the entertainment industry can be approached by brands for endorsements but here, we’ll discuss how an average social media user can become a brand ambassador without necessarily being a celebrity in music or film.

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In becoming a brand ambassador for any company, the opportunity to grow …read more

Source:: Idafrica