5 Well Rated Movies You Should Binge-Watch This Weekend

It’s the last Thursday of November and we seem to have finally bid farewell to this year’s torrential rainfall after incessant complaints, no thanks to state-of-the-art Lagos roads. How rewarding that the God of the sky is now attempting to fry our internal organs with a heatwave enough to reawaken our evil consciences on the perils of hell fire.

As usual, many of us will head into the weekend with the hope of catching our breaths and stealing some valuable distraction time with several fun activities, especially after a long week of work. I’d say my weekend would be, as always, filled with fruitless shouts and curses at the TV screen while watching football matches but my darling football club has not been giving me much joy lately so, I’ll pass.

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What I’ll do, instead, is binge watch a couple of relatively new movies, as I steal a now golden opportunity to escape Lagos’ hustle and bustle for two disappointingly short weekend days. There are a number of films I’m excited to see and you should check them out, too.

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1. The Irishman

Robert De Niro in The Irishman

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino; Big screen legends. Full stop.

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