5 ways to use reading to your advantage

If you’re one of the countless people who don’t have a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out: reading has a noteworthy number of advantages, and just a few are listed below.

Reduce your level of stress: Many of us take the simple act of reading for granted because we have so much required of us to do in our daily lives. However, the simple act of picking up a book to read can distract you from daily stressors and ease the tension in your muscles. Tip: Pick a book that piques your interest.

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Develop strong analytical skills: If you have at any point in time read an astounding suspense filled novel, and tackled the secret yourself before completing the book, then you would agree that reading stimulates and expands the brain by allowing it to think in new different ways. This strategic thinking process gives your analytical skills a boost.

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Boost your writing skills: The art of writing is impossible to teach by simple learning of grammar rules, punctuation marks, and different writing techniques. Reading helps you find inspiration, provides you with wider vocabulary and learning from the real gurus of writing.

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Decrease depression: Just like with lowering your stress levels, …read more

Source:: Idafrica