With various distractions for the human mind online and social media addiction, the new digital age has made it almost impossible for some people to fully focus on important tasks, while others struggle with making productive use of their days.

Most people have misconceptions about what productivity really is. However, being productive is less about time management and more about managing our energies. It’s a lot more than checking tasks off a to-do list, but more about doing fewer things that will help achieve set goals.

Here are 5 habits that can help a professional increase productivity.

Using mornings to focus on oneself

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For most of us, checking emails to see if we missed anything from the previous day or if we have new things to work on is our top priority soon as it’s break of dawn. Rather than do this, take time to reflect on set goals, take a long shower and have breakfast. Some motivational words to yourself is also not a bad way to start the day.

Cutting down the to-do list and focusing on only the most important things

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Write down your plans and goals by listing them in order of importance. Focus more …read more

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