2019 Marketing Predictions From The Best Brains In The Industry.

Seth Godin

2019 is finally upon us and the marketing industry is awash with potential trends and predictions for the year. Many marketers are concerned about how the marketing industry will change this year.

To help navigate the marketing industry this year, we bring you what some of the brightest minds in marketing think about the future of the industry.

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Individuals Reclaim Their Social Independence:

According to Seth Godin, “people will put an increasingly anxious focus on their social media standing.” Seth Godin believes that people will realize that their current social standing is not in their best interest. According to Him, people will discover that they have, in fact, become pawns in a system that views them as the product, not the customers.

Brands Must Return Social to Social Media:

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Mark Scheafer

Mark Schaefer is of the opinion that “instead of recognizing social media as an opportunity to strengthen the customer connection, companies have inexorably squeezed the “social” out of social media.” In 2019, Mark Schaefer maintains that it’s time to take social media marketing …read more

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