#10YearsChallenge: The Sad Story Of A Nigerian Man

Not too long ago the #10yearchallenge took social media by storm. The fad involved people comparing pictures of themselves in 2009 to ones taken in 2019 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As with most social media movement, it is unknown as to who or what started the challenge. Anyway, while so many were comparing pictures of themselves, a very close relation of mine showed me this picture. Unlike every other person, He approached the challenge from another angle. Believe me, it’s is a good read.

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To further prove his point, He said “The 10-year challenge trending on social media has got me thinking beyond showing myself off in a picture as evidence of transformation in my physical appearance. I rather would imagine what has changed in our lives collectively as a society in view of what the government has done in the last 10 years pointing to progress. Therefore, I want to reflect on 10 years of infrastructure development or otherwise in the city where I grew up.


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Source:: Idafrica