10 things TSTV should have done differently before launch

The conversation that preceded the launch of new pay-tv company, TSTV on October 1, 2017 was one of the heaviest in the Nigerian market . From a consumer point of view, what generated the conversation was not so much of how well the company orchestrated it as it was about the hopes and expectations of Nigerians that at last competition has eventually come to dilute what has been perceived to be a near monopolistic hold of Multichoice Nigeria on the pay-tv business in the country.

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Across market segments, it has been widely, sometimes wildly, held that Multichoice has not been fair to the country, especially with its pricing. Many ordinary Nigerians believe that DSTV could costs a lot less than Multichoice is charging. Those who hold this view also believe that with competition, there will be an opportunity to extract greater value from Multichoice Nigeria.

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Conversations around this issue have been on for many years and each time, Multichoice would come out with facts to suggest that the price regime in the country was the lowest in Africa.

But this story is essentially not about the Multichoice. On the contrary, it is about the new comer, its launch and what it should have …read more

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